Friday, January 28, 2011


No…honestly, please, just no. No to drugs, yes to life. I don’t care what you think or are being told drugs will make your life less than it could be and possibly kill you. 
That sounds so dramatic doesn’t it…DRUGS WILL KILL YOU…okay let’s throttle back a bit. Let’s say drugs will not kill you, every time you use them. But they will ruin your looks. You will break out more and your skin will become very thin. Thin skin means you will wrinkle much younger. You will develop those oh so attractive little lines around your lips that your grandmother and great aunts have. Your hair turns dry and brittle like an old Barbie doll and your gum's loosen which leads to your teeth falling out. Well isn’t that just awesome?! In a world that lives for youth and beauty you are going to age yourself with drugs….smart, very smart.
Hey, while you are it start drinking…that is a great idea too. While your skin and hair look like crap why not add a few pounds with beer or wine? Yes! Perfect. And then to top it all off, get behind the wheel of a car, or in a car with someone else who is drunk or high, and drive completely wasted. You know since you are going to look horrible anyway why not kill yourself, or someone else? Hey, maybe you will just end up in a wheelchair or paralyzed. In fact that is why I think your parents had you so you could completely ruin your life drinking and doing drugs. Yup, I am sure of it.
You are so much better than that. Anybody can get high, it is so much cooler to say no. Be your best friend.
No…honestly, please, just no to drugs and yes to life. I love you!

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