Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4 Year Olds Rock

Do you remember what it was like to be 4? It was were awesome! Everyday was about you...there were some big decisions to be made. What you were going to wear, who you were going to play with...what was for lunch. Big, big things to decide. And no matter what you decided to do it was fun...and you thought you did it the best....even if you didn't. Your confidence was at an all time high as it should be. You didn't "feel fat" in your didn't worry about your hair not being perfect because 4 year old you knew she rocked...messy jeans, crooked pigtails, sneakers too big...stuunnning!
How do you get that back? How do you stop caring what other people think?  How do you silence the nasty voice in your head telling you you can not do something and listen to the 4 year old that says "Oh yes you can"! When you are feeling doubt stop for a minute and find the 4 year old...she is in there and dying to tell you how great you you can do anything...and however you do it is fantastic. 

Be your best friend. I love you!

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