Monday, December 27, 2010


Who doesn’t want to be happy? I know I do, it seems everyone would want to be happy. But seriously, sometimes it is hard. Between school, friends fighting, getting grounded for nothing, always feeling tired, periods every month…it is kind of tough to always be happy.
I am sure once your parents get off of your back,  you have a great boyfriend, lose 10 pounds, face clears up and you get the perfect boots you have been wanting then you may be happy or at least headed towards happy.
Wrong! It is no one’s job to make you happy, sister. This is your job and your job alone.  How you choose to view your life is your job. How you decide to react to your life is your job. Not your Mom or your Dad, not your boyfriend or your friends…no one but you is in charge of your happiness.
When your alarm goes off in the morning, what do you do? If you start the day grumbling arrrghhh…and slamming the pillow over your head, you are probably not off to the best start. Why not give yourself a better start to the day? When you wake up, find a positive thought. Something like, oh good, I get to be me again today, how lucky is this world to have me?  Could be anything…you pick, after all it is your thought, your day your happiness.
Make an effort to find the happy in whatever is going on, the squirrel in the tree, the hot boy at lunch that you can see but he can’t see you. Your favorite jeans are clean. It is easy to complain and find all the bad, but why do that to yourself?
Chances are at this very moment you are dry, your belly is full, and you are sleeping in a bed at night…life is good my friend. Be happy.
I know bad things happen. Really terrible, terrible things and not so terrible things (maybe not end of the world things) but things that seriously tick you off will eventually happen. It is not always easy to find the happy. When this is the case I give myself 48 hours to just enjoy my misery. That’s right…48 hours…two days. Two days to cry, be angry, call my friends for sympathy…you get the idea. Then that is it, LET IT GO.
 After two days, you need to get back to living your life.  Enough is enough. Start finding something to make you feel a little bit  better, then a little more…then happy.
Your whole life will change. This I promise you. You will attract good things to you because that is what you are noticing. What a great gift to give yourself…and who doesn’t like gifts?

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